You say Wha-Wha-Wha when there is a awkward and funny silence in a the room.Or if someone messes up on something you scream,"Wha-Wha-Wha!"It's kinda like Nelson from the Simpsons saying/making fun of the person saying,"HA HA!"
by Pumpkin118 November 10, 2007
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An onomatopoetic phrase, when spoken aloud sounds like the two trumpet notes used on tv shows when a bad joke is told or something particularly cheesy happens. When used as a noun it describes a person who is unusually socially inept or just very dorky.
"Oh my God, here comes so-and-so, she is such a wha wha."

"She knitted her own pants and matching blazer? How does she even go out of the house looking like that? What a wha wha!"

"He walks like a vulture and breaths out of his mouth. What a wha wha."
by 2Smart4This April 20, 2010
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the feeling you get when you Huff computer Duster
Man i hit the duster and it gave me the wha wha's bad
by Fup ucked November 10, 2010
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when your friend makes 0 sense
Dhanik has been coughing for 3 weeks straight and refuses to go to the hospital. "Wha wha.."
by fegmkgisgbag April 26, 2022
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1. To actually care
2. A shorter way of saying what
3. The opposite of meh.
Guy: That drawing's cool
Guy 2: Meh
Guy: Your dog got ran over
Guy 2: Meh
Guy: You have AIDS
Guy 2: Wha???
by Emmanuel January 10, 2005
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means: What? a guestion
can be used as a form of expression of a greeting
-You know wha...?

-I won a million dollars! reply:...Wha?!?

-Hey dude, this is my new girlfriend April say Hi...reply: Whaaa!

-you spill fruit punch all over my new car seats!.....Wha..!
by Ms. L February 3, 2006
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A girl that is attractive, banging, sexy, beautiful, buff, hot or fit can also be described as 'WHA'.
That girl is WHA!
I've just seen a fucking WHA bird!
I got with some bird last night...she was straight WHA!
by -1919- July 13, 2012
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