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a specific breed of scum bag that enjoys selling mids to highschool kids and breaking into old friends houses. Weymouth scum stems from an increase in oxy cotin and a lack of a strong father figure during childhood. One way to identify Weymouth scum is if the suspect is proud of being from Weymouth, that is always a give away they are Weymouth scum. often wearing nike shoes and over sized clothing Weymouth scum will often gather at place in north Weymouth as this is wear they predominantly reside. If you would like to find weymouth scum in their natural environment look at great Eskar park, the shelf, or great hill. try using a scum call by yelling kenny festa! or Derek Nukem! If that doesnt work surely try clcicking your heals 3 times and saying stalberg scum.
want to go to bucks?
why not ?
weymouth scum.
o yeah your right.
by penisflytrap September 12, 2016
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