a nice jumpshot is said to be "wet". wet is a versatile basketball-related term that can be used as almost any part of speech.
interjection- John yelled "That's wet!" while shooting a 3

adjective- My jumper is so wet right now, i've made like 4 in a row

verb- I'm gonna go wet some Js down at the gym

noun- My J is pure wet right now
by sweatyj November 08, 2009
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when a girl vagina is lubricated and ready , happens when horny
wow, i'm so wet after seeing taylor lautner! see horny
by Darling Jester February 01, 2010
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When you've been thinking about having hot sex with your boyfriend and leak some vaginal fluid.
Mindy: You can't slam me until I'm nice and wet. It'll be more fun.
Tom: Of course. I'll lick you dry later, babe.
Mindy: Good idea. I ran out of towels earlier cleaning up your cum.
by Sexy Stripper Queen March 06, 2017
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The opposite of dry. You're an idiot if you didn't know this, or thought that it meant...... Something else. =_=
by TheLastNonPervert... October 26, 2013
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Alcoholic drinks. eg, beer, gin, Havana Club

Origin: shortening of "wet ones" (Edinburgh coloquilism)
"Colin had quite a few wets last night...."
"Tam, are you sinking wets this weekend?"
"Grahame bought all the wets that night"

"Wetfriendly" - Merry
"Wetnasty" - Inebriated
"Wetshy" - Teetotal, abstaining from alcohol
by Tam Devereux March 20, 2007
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- describes a conservative with liberal tendencies

- describes someone who's very wishy-washy and affected more by emotion rather than reason
my sociology teacher's wetter than a fish(!)
by alias826 June 22, 2012
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