The act of participating in oral with a girl wearing glasses and getting cum on them
“She forgot to take her glasses off and I wet her windshield
Windshield wetting
by Hinake UH August 05, 2019
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WNM wEt is an american soundcloud rapper known for his popular track "Flavortown". This song includes many memorable lines such as "I took your bitch to flavortown, I fucked that bitch cause her ass was round", and other things, such as the excessive amounts of screaming and adlibs. He currently only has flavortown on his soundcloud, but this is due to change based off of his passed success.
Did you hear that new {WNM wEt song? It's more fire than my asshole after taco bell.
by Dennisthemenace123 October 02, 2018
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when a guy nuts and slings his dick everywhere so his nut gets evereywhere.
by Daddy's Castle February 15, 2020
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Slightly moistening the end of a straw's paper, then blowing through the straw, launching the paper, and aiming for the victim's ear cannel.
My idiot brother gave me a Tactical Wet Willy at the restaurant.
by Jakestastyballs December 29, 2019
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When the area between your dick and your ass is extremely moist, all the time! Also known as swamp taint or greasy taint.
Every time I watch the newest Nicholas Cage flick, I found myself with a wat (wet ass taint).
by Jetfavre July 23, 2021
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An act in which someone gets their finger licked by someone else, to give a third person a wet willy.
Jesus had halie lick his finger to stick his finger in dylan's making it a three-way wet willy
by Boobuukittyfuck666 October 19, 2019
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