while at sleep away camp, it is the slang which refers to going "downtown" on another.
Man, we were wet willying all night long...on the blob dock.
by Karl XXXX October 17, 2008
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When a woman sucks a mans dick and then fucks her in the ass
Yeah, I gave the wife a wet willy in the ass last night.
by Tkbagginz July 18, 2021
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Licking your finger or fingers and sticking them in someone's butt hole
Dude wtf! why'd you just give me that wet Willy Nelson i was trying to pick up the soap!
by IAmTheBird August 07, 2021
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Usually involves jizzon a glass window. Often involves a nude women on the other side
I wet windowed the shower whe my chick came in the bathroom in only skin
by hauntedhouseofcringe March 05, 2018
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When you and a guy you’re beefing with are about to fight, and your fists are sweating with anticipation
Oh yeah Frank?! I’m bouta hit you with my wet wings.
by SchemeCap January 10, 2018
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When a man shoots cum into his own eye either during sleep or intercourse.
I had a wet wink last night. When I woke up I couldn't open my eye!
by gorillabard June 11, 2020
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Someone who devotes 24 hours of their day; watching anime, playing League of Legends, trying to pronounce japanese words whilst failing miserably, arguing about not being weaboo trash and still thinking they deserve to coexist with normal humans.
Their like to claim like that they not weebs but the resemblance is too strong to the point where it basically blinds you. They are the lowest group of specimens ( not humans ) on earth, lower the paedophiles because they are indeed early stage nonces. Their extermination would bring back Hitler from his grave.
Look at that Wet Wipe, thinking that his opinion matters, he should just kill himself.

Wet Wipes wank to furrys and have a body pillow hidden underneath their beds.
by RealLifeWoke March 17, 2020
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