1. A wet: drippy, feeble, person with a wishy-washy personality, and no drive, content to float though life hanging onto someone elses 'apron-strings'
A wet personality.
Big Wet - monsoon conditions - heavy 'tropical' rain - giving rise to local flooding resulting from Climate Change and Global Warming. See seperate definition.
2. A wet: an opponent to the prevention by law of the manufacture and sale of alcohol, esp. in the US (1920–33).
"I remember at school the trendy local priest once tried to persuade my class that even though Jesus sounds like a bit of a wet, he was actually very cool in real life."
"As soon as Charlie could walk I led him 'round to his home. Oh, but he was a wet fellow! As soon as I got him in the hallway, I said, 'So long, Charlie!' and sneaked away."
President Hoover had turned him down because he was a Wet Catholic.
Angela’s former flatmate, smokes like a chimney, can’t bear Karen’s wet personality.
J John must have realised the wet personality of his crowd because he seemed to change pace immediately and within moments had them eating out of his hand.
Simmons did not oppose Smith’s Catholicism, but was against him because he was a “wet,” i.e. an opponent of prohibition;
by Henley July 28, 2007
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A word used to describe something awesome or "dope".

Many times used by suburban white kids trying to be cool...or wet.
1 - That party tonight was so much fun.

2 - Hell yeah, shit was wet.
by TheA$$Man August 09, 2010
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when a girl gets horny or gets turned on her pussy starts flowing liqud and it becomes wet
everytime my boyfriend starts touchin me and kissin me i start to get wet
by crab_killa_always March 05, 2008
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when a girl becomes "moist" when we she's horny
OMG he's so hot i get wet just looking at him!!
by Anonymous February 01, 2003
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what happens when you get a liquid like water on you
some kid: *throws water*
you: fuck now i'm wet
by C. Barton December 21, 2006
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a woman is wet when she is horny; wanting it badly; needs to be fucked hard
Man: "That girl I fucked last night was so wet beforehand. She wanted bad."
by the g spot January 29, 2009
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