When a man take his wife's vibrator and pumps it in and out of his ass while masturbating with the other hand... synchronously. Like a cartoon character drying himself with a towel.
Mom, I just caught Michael pulling a wet towel with your vibrator in the bathroom!
by picklemonkey June 14, 2006
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A female that is not attractive. I watched an episode of leave it to beaver. This was the termanology use by ward to wally, when they were discussing a ugly chick wally had dated
well wally back in my time we called them a wet towel!
by HRM SMK April 01, 2008
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a vag already used by a guys dick.

see wetting a towel
frankie: maile has a wet towel!
anna: her towels been wet MANY times!
by fraaaaaaaaaaaanx July 10, 2008
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It is not uncommon for a man of great endurance and fortitude to pound SO much putang in one sitting that he simply no longer has the strength to fortify a lasting erection. In this instance, a master of the ancient arts can still utilize his heroic dong in an act known as “the wet towel”. The wet towel, or as some refer to it as the “putang chopper” is the act of swinging your massive man meat in such a fashion that it begins to slap the holiest of orgasms right out of that beat down, worn out snatch that has been begging for a break for the last two hours.
Chad: “bro you were in there for like 4 hours? What happened?”
Josh: “idk something just came over me. At the end I thought I was toasted, couldn’t even get it up, then I started with the Old Wet Towel and I think we might need to get her to a hospital..”
by Hammerhoff June 20, 2020
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When you have such bad diarrhea brewing that you know its going to sound like you dropped a soaking wet bath towel on a hard surface by holding one corner of the towel highest, then releasing it so that the towel nearly coils as it falls. (Feel free to test this towel drop in your bath tub.)
Hey babe! Pause Game of Thrones, I gotta drop a wet towel.

Honey, when you hot carl me tonight make sure its not a wet towel like last time.
by Burn Son! September 21, 2017
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