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A wet raccoon is a tradition handed down throughout the generations as the act of clapping your ass-cheeks together on someones nose.
This is generally used with force, unless the victim is passed out.

Variation - Brown clown nose: If you want to go all-out, you can push a little and leave a lump of crap on the idiots nose. Resembling a fake clown nose.
but made out of crap.
Jerry was being a fag so Tom got his friends to hold Jerry down while he gave him a wet raccoon.

man 1: "Hey buddy, that was one nice wet raccoon you gave the drunk guy last night!"
man 2: "He has yet to discover the shit-stain on his nose. And i feel much better about myself inside!"
by Robrobrockstar February 06, 2006
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A blow job given by someone with a mouthful of chewing tobacco or dip.
A true redneck girl can give you a wet raccoon, and still know what to spit and what to swallow.
by NL1981 July 09, 2010
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