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The act of a wet willy with cheeto fingers.

"How to" directions:
1. Enjoy a bag of cheetos.
2. Lick cheesy fingers throughout your snack.
3. Also pick your victim and plan of attack while you eat.
4. After finishing the last cheeto, DON'T lick your fingers, but leave the cheese on .
5. In stealth, get close to your victim.
6. Commence Wet Chilly.
7. Insert cheesy finger DEEP into victims ear.
8. Rotate your finger 3 times to assure a full Wet Chilly.
9. Pull out and run.
10. Whatever you do, DO NOT lick the rest of the cheese off your finger after a Wet Chilly
Liam: "Fuck you Jake, Wet Willys are so gross".

Jake: "Hahahaha. Nah. Check your ear cheab. That was a fuckin Wet Chilly".
by ShredGnarShark October 01, 2011
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