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A male that attends Westminster School in Simsbury Connecticut, usually able to be spotted by a guy wearing vineyard vines shorts and a drug rug on their free time with a lax stick in one hand and the hand of a blonde anorexic freshman girl in the other. Westy Guys tend to be blind unless there is a blonde girl or lacrosse stick in sight. They say terms such as,"rattled", "chyeah squibb", "legit", "sick bro", and "detwigged". They tend to segregate into groups: varsity hockey boys (known for breaking lunch room doors) lacrosse boys (boys that always wear midcaf socks and sperrys) and boys who try to fit into these groups (the tools). In conclusion westy boys are a large waste of space, and don't deserve to be seen as anything but conceited and douchebaggish.

P.S. Four Square and dissing each other in dorm rap battles, that make you sound more stupid than you already are, is not a sufficient way to spend free time.
Westy Girl: Wanna go hook up during block 4
Westy Guy: No, there is a four square game going on outside....
by pseudonym894 April 18, 2010
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