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At Westland Middle School, the 6th graders set paper towels on fire, the 7th graders vape, and the 8th graders smoke weed.
by Delaneyab June 09, 2018
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A really diversified school that is seperated by grade and nothing else. 6th grade gets bullied by 7 and 8. 7th wants to be cool like 8th and 8th doesnt give a shit and all they do is smoke weed and vape almost anythig they can possible
James Jablon: ye dud im so gonna drink and smoke some backwoods cigars if my black dud comes thu
Anyone Else Ever: oh dud u must go to westland middle school
by TraverseRobin27 May 20, 2018
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6th graders are so innocent it hurts
7th graders vape in the bathrooms

8th graders don’t give a shit and smoke weed whenever they can
Welcome to Westland Middle School!
6th graders: what’s a juul?
7th graders: fuck man mr jefferson just caught me vaping in the bathroom.
8th graders: haha tf is the teacher saying, i’m so fucking high rn.
by lmaowtfpraying October 30, 2018
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