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Westlake high in Austin can be summed up in four words: rich, white, drunk and high. Literally, if you talk to people here, you realize that even people who don't look like drunks or stoners at all get trashed at least twice a week. While Westlake is perceived as a "smart" school, it hits you that not very many people in here work hard, but rather rely on their luck to bail them out of situations. In all honesty, Westlake is just another rich kids school: full of rich white bimbos who cheer on the football team, and then for the rest of the week point80% of the school gets trashed at some point
Just Walk through the halls at Westlake high and you'll see what i mean. It's essentially a jail cell with ipads, eye candy, and shit if you know where to look
by Dear Leader John Carter December 20, 2013
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