where all the rich and snotty people live also see obnoxious and mean
los angeles is like westfield...there is nice houses and rich people that are mean
by Julia rose May 09, 2006
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The name of several towns in the USA in this case about the one in NJ. An upper class town made fun of by people who have no idea what living there is like and angry that they can't live there, or just angry at rich people for no reason. Note not all, but many people in this town are extremely snobby most others are charitable is. 70% snobby 20% charitable 10% normal. see Wikipedia for more detailed info
Westfield is A normal rich town and yes i live there.
by Alexander z February 22, 2008
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A town in Union County, NJ that neighbors Scotch Plains, their rivals. Typically, the guys wear their pants down to their ankles and their hats to the side, and try and walk with what they would call, "swag". The girls wear short skirts and shorts, even in the winter, and neck lines that go down to their vagina's.

Westfielder's have a nicer downtown than the people in Scotch Plains, so the people from Scotch Plains go there to hang out. This causes the Westfielder's to become enraged and act more like apes than they already do, sometimes even taking the liberty to throw food at kids from Scotch Plains.

Westfield kids are typically more rich than kids from Scotch Plains, and thus spend all of their money on drugs. They are worse in sports than Scotch Plains, and are also worse academically. The only thing real about Westfield kids are the pimples on their forehead.
Guy 1: Yo you see that girl over there? I can practically see her pussy!
Guy 2: Yeah, but she's so pimply and gross, she must be from Westfield. I'd rather date a girl from Scotch Plains, they're all so classy and hot.
by awkward ass nigga August 17, 2011
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town in Massachusettes that isnt STANK BUDDAH but some people call it home
pretty normal town that noone likes cuz they have a high population of gay people
Westfield aint STANK BUDDAH its extremely gay
by Patrick from Atown November 24, 2006
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Collective Noun for a group of bogans (Australian). It is derived from the sprawling suburban shopping centres in the outer suburbs of Australian cities that are predominantly owned by the chain Westfield. Most popularly satirised in Kath and Kim by the Westfield Fountain Gate shopping centre.

I went down to the TAB this morning and there was a whole Westfield of bogans there in flannies
by SpamOz October 25, 2010
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