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A western girl is like the Canadian version of a 'valley girl'. 'Western' refers to the place where Western girls are created and thrive, the University of Western Ontario. If you are unsure how to recognize a western girl, you need only observe females at UWO for 5 minutes. Eventually you realize the girl that keeps walking past you wearing ugg boots, tights, a boob belt, large sunglasses a lulu lemon headband, purposely messy hair, and a very expensive purse is actually many different girls dressed exactly the same. Bingo - those are the western girls.
An insider has told me that the purpose of 'becoming' a western girl is a (albeit) weak attempt at buying popularity and fitting in.

While many try to be Western girls, the true western girl not only looks the part, but is also slutty and dumb.
She spent the entire class blabbering about how she likes to wear tights with the lace at the bottom to show her individuality. She's a total western girl.

She asked the prof 'how come, like, we get more seasons than, like, Florida?'. She's such a western girl.
by been here long enough to know October 05, 2009
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