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The reason I'm not going to Topeka, Kansas. Those people are super-insane. They consist of Fred Phelps, 9 out of 13 of his children (among them including Shirley Phelps-Roper), their 50+ grandchildren, and 7-10 great-grandchildren. These people claim that God hates everybody: Catholics, Iraq War casaulties, Swedes, the Irish, Latter-Day Saints, Muslims, and above all else gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people. These people also picket funerals of, well, anybody: Iraq war casaulties, Katrina victims, 9/11 victims, hate crime victims, HIV/AIDS victims, etc.
Person 1: Hey, let's go to Topeka. What's there to see?

Person 2: Well, we can see the Westboro Baptist Church members disrespecting the dead by picketing funerals.

Person 1: Ok, dude. I don't want anything to do with those people. Let's go somewhere else.

Person 2: Good point
by an anonymous citizen July 13, 2009
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Some crazy church that thinks because the US is tolerant of homosexuality that God is killing our soldiers overseas. The church is made up of about 100 members of the pastors family and is unaffiliated with any other Baptists in the country. In other words... its a joke. The pastor is a nut-job lady who feels that she needs to travel around with her church to these military funerals and inform people through large signs reading 'God hates Fags!' and 'Thank God for IEDs' that the soldier is now 'rotting in hell' and so on. It must make her feel good. Her interviews with the large news companies (Fox News, MSNBC) can be found on the internet. They'll either be a good laugh for you or a huge frustration.
Westboro Baptist Church: 'Your son is now rotting in hell because the died fighting for a country that does not obey God! None of you are true Christians!'
by Ullio June 24, 2006
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A 'church' that hates (but says God hates) everybody but themselves.
They should go all out and say 'God hates people who aren't members of the Westboro Baptist Church'
by Cobui February 16, 2010
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A lunatic cult led by a jackass named Fred Phelps. The WBC is known for its endless condemnation of homosexuals. The church claims to practice the purest form of Christiantiy, a claim that couldn't be further from the truth. The WBC's ideology is based on a severe distortion of Christian doctrine. If Jesus Christ ever visited this "Church", he would probably be dismayed and horrified by its practices. Heck, even many evangelicals consider the WBC un-Christian.
The entire Westboro Baptist Church is bound for hell.
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A radical so-called "Church" under the leadership of so-called "Reverend" Fred Phelps based out of Topeka, Kansas. They are infamous for their controversial practice of picketing outside of funerals of U.S. servicemembers killed in Iraq. WBC Recently lost a $11,000,000 dollar judgement filed by a father of one of the late servicemembers whose funeral they picketed.
The freaks at Westboro Baptist Church makes all Christians look bad.
by Piranha November 01, 2007
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A group of nutjobs who hate the universe. If you are atheist, baptist (WTF???), protestant, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, or any other religion on the planet, they hate you. They hate soldiers, America, The UK, Australia, and any other country who refuses to publicly execute gays and "dykes".
Hey, are those those Westboro Baptist Church weirdos protesting the univesre?

Yeah, I guess it was only a matter of time.
by MULTI_MEDIA_MAN November 22, 2009
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