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A school that has an annual budget of five billion dollars a year. You are not allowed to live in their district unless your parents make at least six figures. Their school is filled with over achievers who are at the same time assholes. Their band program has won the state competition the last 200 years in a row and is headed by an insane beet-red fanatic who whacks his students with tubas if they don't practice 20 hours a day, 8 days a week. Their football team regularly beats up anyone who stands in their way in the hallways, and they have mediocre academics, preferring instead to focus on winning every single extra curricular competition on the planet.
West Salem High School is filled with rich jocks. Everyone who goes to West Salem High School parks their brand-new Mercedes-Benz's and lambos in the school parking lot. South Salem High School is obviously better than West Salem High School. O.
by frespanol May 28, 2018
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Worst school ever. Home of the snobby bitches who think they're better than everyone. I mean I gotta hand it to you there are a few kids who are just totes amazeballs but other than that like really don't go here. This school and all the people in it think they're better than everyone else like fr. So if your looking for a school and you'd like to be bullied or feel like a piece of shit who's hated by everyone else go ahead be my guest and go to west.
Person: hi what's your name?
west Salem high school kid: oh my god I can't even believe you tried talking to me, like go away peasant
by applesauceface123 July 17, 2015
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A school where all the rich kids are... If you think Sprague is bad then dont go to West. West is home to some of the snobbiest people you will ever meet. They think that they are the only thing on the planet earth. I mean there are a handful of really cool people, but not very many
Normal person: hello
Person from West Salem high school: did a bug just fly by?
Other person from west: no it was just that weirdo talking
by hella-chill May 06, 2015
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