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A tough Irish neighborhood located ont Cleveland's West Side. Don' fuck with this neighborhood.Also called the WP.
Hey man,lets go see them boys in West Park.

Lets go see whats goin on in the WP.
by sayheyjohnnyboy April 16, 2008
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Section of Cleveland where the players get played and the husters get hustled. If you come here without a piece, YOU WILL DIE. So stay out of our hood you rat.
Man Im gettin back to the wp! west park!
by QAG ZAG November 20, 2005
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A very small, sleezy group of "people" living just outside of Battleford. These "people" are a new breed of hillbillies, they litterally live on a hill near a river. This river is worshoped by the "people" as it is their only source of water. This water is used for everything from drinking, cleaning, and once every full moon each westparkian must bathe in the river as they believe if they dont the river will be angered. The incredible thing about these "people" is that they truly believe they are smart and rich. But, if they were rich they could afford to pay to pave the goddamn roads! Anyways, westaparkians are very supersticious. They believe that whenever the river freezes it means they have angered its spirit and the only way appease it is to kill one of their own. Of course to all us normal people, we call this phenomenon WINTER.
Westpark1: Oh no! what did we do to make you freeze oh mighty river?

Westpark2:Quick, kill me! maybe that will make it happy again!

(While sitting in lawn chairs watching the two westpark "people")

Guy1: hahaha man i told you! they dont know what winter is!

Guy2:haha i cant believe they do this every year!
by lepricon of alabama October 28, 2011
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Slang term me and my homies made up to disgiuse south park just in case one of our parents didn't want us watchin it.
Hey man did u catch the new west park last night?
by C.J. April 14, 2004
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