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Welcome to West Milford where the kids are high and the grades are low. Not always though. There are a handful of extremely intelligent individuals suffering through the shitty school system
West Milford is a huge town but it definitely has small town characteristics. There's drugs for sure and tons of sex but overall it's one of the nicer towns in northern Nj. There's some diversity but not to much.

Yep it's a stoner town and teachers avoid checking the student's water bottles. New life is the awesome school assigned outpatient rehab that like 500 students attend Monday through Thursday for two hours a day. There are some hard drugs like coke and heroin but it's really only up the mountain.
There's a few rough patches but overall it's a pretty tasteful and classy place to grow up. There are pockets of really nice houses like in Awosting and Stockholm. The guys aren't the greatest but there are a few. Up the mountain= trashy whores and druggies. Every where else= pretty nice.

When it comes to clothing there are two groups. Preppy ugg wearing bitches and the creepy goth wearing freaks. Freshman are sluts and senior boys pervs.

All in all it's pretty fun to be around and the parties rock.
Jack: "Hey babe what are you doing tonight"
Jill: "Well I thought i would hit up a party in Awosting, the houses there are great. Then maybe get a ride up the mountain so i can get some great bud, you know that's all they do up there."
West Milford Nj
by DirtXbikes January 31, 2010
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West Milford, NJ may be a huge town but is has all the character of a small town where everyone knows everyone. Most people who grow up there never leave, why would they want to, it’s absolutely beautiful. Originally a summer vacation resort area the town still maintains that relaxing slow paced life of an era gone by. There is no need to go through West Milford to get anywhere except if you live there so there is no such thing as rush hour traffic and traffic lights are almost non existent. It’s the type of area most people stay on their summer vacations. The multiple lakes and parks make it a hidden treasure in northern NJ where most towns are quickly becoming vastly over populated and over developed. There is still abundant wildlife, our water sources are uncontaminated and pollution doesn’t exist.

Contrary to popular belief it is not full of toothless rednecks and uneducated morons that all drive jacked up pick-up trucks or cars that are rusting apart at the seams. Agreed, there are some rednecks, bars do out number churches, Harley’s are abundant and the exhaust on any form of transportation is rated on a scale of the louder the better. But it is not in anyway some back woods hick town filled with trailer parks and deteriorating houses, and no, wife beaters are not considered black tie. In fact it is probably one of the more expensive areas in northern NJ to purchase a home. The taxes are astronomical especially if you live on the lake but that just helps to keep the lower income element from moving in and ruining the scenery. It is a town whose population is 90% Caucasian the language spoken is still English and the residents are a mix of blue and white collar hard working, tax paying, proud Americans!

West Milford, NJ encompasses a few towns in its Township, Hewitt, parts of Newfoundland, Greenwood Lake and Upper Greenwood Lake. And yet with all that acreage and all those residents crime is almost unheard of.
Average income West Milford NJ = $61,000.00 per two person household = less encrouchingwelfarecandidates
by BRS May 15, 2006
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