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An awesome school that is very diverse. Their population with blacks are now up to a whopping 8 percent. School is ran by principal Baffico and VP Gish. Rules with a golden fist. Here are some of the very strict rules

no red, white,blue or american flag styled t-shirts
no cursing whatsoever
no random dancing
no open toed shoes
no mohawks
no weapons of mass destruction
no chewing gum

any of the rules being broken will result in expulsion

The school also indulges in the good things in life such as having to share a cafeteria with an elementary school, fun collapsing roofs, instruments from middles schools, and a shelf
Sharon: West Campus High School has the highest API in the universe!
Danny: They also have a lot of e-tards.
by M0THER April 08, 2009
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(West Campus High School) An institution in which alcohol and Marijuana is more important than water, drugs are the number-one source of a person's income, and football players get away with anything, including assault and driving under the influence. The ratio of Hispanics to Caucasions is 200:1. Also, if you are a male and have long hair/ wear A&F or Hollister, you are instantly popular. Emo kids, however, are frowned upon.
-Yo man, I wanna get Fucked UP!
-Okay, let's go find some kids who go to West Campus High School, they know where the parties are at.

-Dude, is the A/C broken again?
-Yea, everything is broken here nigga!

-Woah, Kevin's a faggot!
-Dude did you just figure that out?

-Hey didn't we run a train on that girl last night?
-Yea, dude Keith cream-pied her.
by Fidencio January 01, 2008
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A school in sacramento that tries really hard but just kinda fails. It's problems start with the fact that it used to be an old middle school and end with the fact that the principal has no idea what she is doing. The athletic field is a bowl not big enough for either a full sized soccer field of a half sized football field but somehow has 3 baseball/softball fields. Most of the teachers suck at least some ass. The school shares a cafeteria and a parking lot with an elementart school. It is supposed to be a college prep school but you could probably go to any other high school in the urea and go to college. In other words in less there is a really good reason why you should go to West Campus, don't.
ben:where do you go to high school
john:West Campus High School
ben:oohh ouch

priya:dude I'm leaving West Campus
dani:oh dude that only 20% sucks
by ohgodthiswillendbadly October 11, 2008
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