A dick poo and a testical fart

P.s not from someone u know
by Wes is gayyyy January 20, 2018
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The abbreviated form of Wesley Wes is the best - and for very good reasons too! He is a loyal and patient man, who cares about his friends and family. He has a confident manner, never arrogant, but assured, humble and loving. However, he has a tendency to overthink and analyse. Wes's are handsome and strong, with sparkly eyes and a kind face. They are great with kids, animals and parents, and are always the last man standing at a party!

Determined and focussed, Wes is not afraid of hard work and strives to better himself and his surroundings. Nothing will stop a Wes once he has a goal in mind. Gentle and able to over-look petty arguments, but beware! Push too many times and he will push back. Wes's love a fast car and can often be found tinkering under a bonnet. Likely to drive a Subaru or a Maserati.

Insanely talented, creative, expressive and an amazing lover - if he wasn't such a nice guy, you'd be jealous of him. Alongside these practical qualities, you'll find a romantic dreamer. If you are lucky enough to be the object of Wes's desires, you will feel like smiling all day long (and even in your sleep!) Rugged and geeky, sporty and gentle, quiet but full of life... Yep, Wes's are full of apparent contradictions but that is what makes them so appealing and irresistible. Liked by men as much as by women - friend or lover, you'll want a Wes in your life!
Girl 1: Wow! Who's that guy?
Girl 2: Oh my god, that's Wes. I love him!

Guy 1: Wow! Who's that guy?
Guy 2: Oh my god, that's Wes. He is awesome!

#wesisthebest #iwantawes
by Fluffy Muff February 13, 2019
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verb: wes (wessed, wessing)
To overanalyze something to infinite complexity.

noun: wes
A very nice person prone to wessing.
He wessed the conversation lengthily.
by hell tying April 06, 2005
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*Girl and Guy meet* Guy asks "want to go have some WES?" Girl says "What?" Guy says "You know what I mean." She replies "No I don't" He then says "You know some Wild Erotic Sex." *Girl bitch slaps him*
by Rosie&Jaremy June 02, 2010
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After all these years, I finally get to clear things up. First of all, I didn't fuck anybody in high school, because at first I thought I was saving myself for marriage. But things changed when I got out of high school, that is when I fucked your bitch. Secondly, now that I am an adult, I do not feel bad about it, I could care less. But let me tell you your bitch may be ugly, but that mouth tho.......is serious. Finally I am not a tiny tug boat, do not ever disrespect me like that again because I will fuck your bitch, your sister, you mom, your aunt, and your grandma....IN HER GRAVE. So put some respect on my name, because I'm pretty sure it's the name your girl wishes she was screaming in bed instead of yours. Bitches.
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by The Real Wes January 28, 2020
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