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1) Adj. - North American bastardization of the Spanish word for 'good', bueno.

In practice, it is common for the word to be stretched out, helping to convey various emotions as illustrated by select examples below.

2) Noun - An entity which is all knowing and powerful, not unlike God in various religions.

Antonym(s): Anti-wenna

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Diawennacle - Adj. - Appropriate to a devil, especially in degree of wickedness or cruelty, with influence from the term Wenna.

- A evil or satanic act, accomplished impressively or with precision.
1) "Hey Mario, here is an invitation to the Box Social I will be hosting this weekend."

"Oh, wenna."

2) "Did you hear? Mario TOTALLY railed that chick last night!"

"Wennnnnnnaaaaa Mario!!!"

3) "Sorry Mario, I'd prefer it if you did not attend my Box Social this weekend."

"Well, wennaaaaaaaa."

*Expressed with a deep sense of rejection*

4) "Wenna?"

"I guess."

5) "May the Wenna be with you."

"And also with you."

"We lift up our hearts."

"We lift them up to the Wenna."

"Let us give thanks to the Wenna, our God."

"It is right to give him thanks and praise."

6) "Thank the good Wenna we're saved!"

7) *Vehicle being started, then driven away*

"Wehehehe.. Wehe.. Wehehehehe.. Naaa Hehehehehehe Naaaaaaaaaaa *Shifts Gears* Naaaaaaaaaaa, etc."

8) "Mario got cracked pretty hard during soccer last night..."

"Oh, anti-wenna."

9) "...Then Mario chopped him into little pieces, put them in garbage bags and threw them into the lake! The police could not trace anything back to him!"

by Martin (Marteen) From Uruguay January 06, 2010
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A rare yellow penguin that is homophobic.The rare yellow penguin dislikes the cold and changes from yellow to multicoloured over the summer. Over the years wenna was just used to describe homophobia.
1. x: You are such a wenna!

y: No you are !!

2. That guy is a toooootal wenna.
by Tiny kickable box. May 18, 2011
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