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The oldest middle school in West Palm Beach, Florida. The school is a grade A, and get's some of the highest FCAT scores in the state, yet still can't seem to manage to get the bathrooms clean. The students are all "multicultriual" which is a fancy way of saying there are plenty of different ethnicities and whatnot. Most of the students of the female variety think Abercrombie & Fitch equals high fashion, and they also enjoy having competitions to see who can get away with the most revealing clothing without getting a detention. The boys like to think they are all "gangstas" even though most of them live in suburban areas that most definitely don't resemble "the hood". The school likes to see how many students it can cram into the cafeteria at one time, on account of the schools is far past overpopulated. The class sizes range from 23-33 students, and the teachers ages range from 27-78.
Wellington Landings Middle School Student: Hey, man, there was a fight in the cafe today. It was pimpin, dude.

Non-Wellington Landings Student: That wasn't a fight, man. That was just two girls arguing about which one of them had more scarves from Abercrombie.
by higher-standards April 19, 2009
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Wellington Landings is a school full of kids but not just any kids dumb ones, ones who do cocaine and smoke weed but get caught, Landings has kids who think they are hard and from the hood yet really they are just wearing their Air Force 1’s that there mom bought them while she was in Europe buying Louis Vuitton, And the girls at Landings are white bitches that suck dick just to get back with their ex, dirty hoes that lose their virginity at 12-14 nasty, and the very few black bitches at Landings tend to be loud as FUCK at generally the morning times when everyone is tired, then we have Mr. Cativa aka I’m gay and have an uncircumcised dick that tends to rape people cause it’s fun and push girls because he’s a pussy, too pussy enough not to buy shit of shaydon, a white 90 pound crackhead, yet Mr. Cativa finds himself throwing up crip signs while wearing his all red adidas his mom bought him in another country, and lastly let’s not get started on the bitch ass teachers that will do anything to get you in trouble, well I don’t wanma get started on the teachers since they are retarted but yes this is Wellington Landings Middle School.
Hey did u see that fight at Wellington Landings Middle School? - “Yo did you see that fight”, “You mean Celeste’s fatass slapping Brenda?” “Yes” “That’s no fight that to cockroaches fighting” that’s Wellington Landings Middle School for ya
by Boiyouthoughtyouwastuff May 15, 2019
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