Ronald is a weezer fan dude thats why he can’t get laid!”
by Doomerboy69 March 19, 2020
Ronald is a Weezer fan? Dude that’s why he always gets laid!
by Awesomegangster January 19, 2021
a type of person that must be executed
"ayo i heard Michael was a Weezer fan, lets tear of his limbs"
by Reddertarded April 5, 2022
The most basic of the single celled organisms.
I'm so glad Leo Henry isn't a Weezer Fan.
by Leo Henreezer August 30, 2021
Weezer Fan is a commonly used synonym for “Virgin”, the only difference being is that Weezer fans are aware of this and agree with it.
Hey dude, are you a Weezer Fan?
Prove it. Is Raditude a good album?
*cocks gun* … say that again and your a goner
by WeRanOutOfFood September 14, 2021
Someone who enjoys listening to the band Weezer unironically. Usually the cringiest and least funny member of the friend group. Always tries to get other people to listen to it as well.
Since we are such Weezer Fans, we listened to an entire album after we finished having gay sex!
by ZestyMuffin October 1, 2021
sad little people who get none, usually a shinnie or an very fruity person
person 1: "hey im a weezer fan!"
person 2: "erm ur such a looser"
by futabirl December 14, 2022