fr fr its already wednesday
damn gotta eat a pack of altoids
you know it
you know it brother
by amongus man January 13, 2022
The part of the week where "I'm not like other girls" act like Wednesday Addams, and millenials wear pink sarcastically and ironically. (Also a random day of the week, but no one cares Ethan.)
P1 "Ugh, its another Wednesday..."
P2 "Hey, is that Samantha, she looks like a ghost!"
Samantha "No, I'm Wednesday Addams (She binge watched the entire series last night.)
by MelonKholy December 22, 2022
Why is it called an oven if you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food wednesday
by fart69bruh2 June 12, 2021
When you take a big, satisfying shit and you think to yourself, "Wow, that was a great shit, let's do it again." So you take the shit out of the bowl and shove it back into your ass, then shit it back out again.
'What did you get up to last night Sharon?'

'Oh boy - I gave myself the best Wednesday ever! It even held together on the second time out!'
by CreepingJesus69 September 17, 2021
A day spent making out and relaxing with your partner. It is the best day of the week without a doubt.
'Damn I need a Wednesday!' said Will.
by Choccymilk888 December 31, 2019
Wednesday is national Peter Vuitton drinks day
Hey Peter it’s Wednesday
Peter: guess I have to drink
by Yardyknowdadeal June 2, 2022