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A very wealthy town just outside of South Charlotte, about five minutes from the Mecklenburg County line. It is about 97% Rich, White people and another 3% rich minorities. Has the "village commons" shopping center which people who live here think is the shit. Has many expensive neighborhoods with big houses such as Highgate, Bromely, Skycroft, Areo Plantation, Lake Providence, Brookhaven, Providence Woods South, Hadley park and endless more. Local high school is Weddington High, which is full of preppy kids who think every other school other than theirs is ghetto. with kids who drive mercedes, bmw's, infiniti's and many other nice cars. Almost all the kids have North Faces and Uggs. The line for chick-fil-a is always like a mile long, and the Target parking lot is always packed. Take a drive through weddington and you'll see many nice cars and big houses.
Weddington kid 1: Who do we play tonight?
Weddington kid 2: Uhh Porter Ridge
Weddington kid 1: Ew.. I don't want to drive my BMW over there, it'll get stolen.
Weddington kid 2: I know, Thank god we live in weddington, NC
by SomeKid1213 October 30, 2012
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