The act of creating an impression of a penis in to a wedding cake or penetrating said wedding cake with a phallice.
Dude, while Dave was giving his best mans speech I totally gave the bride and groom a wedding cake surprise.
by cockbandit1869 July 6, 2011
A wedding dunk is a massive lesbian orgy that some women have the day/night before the wedding.
Example: The night before maria's wedding we all had a wedding dunk and it was amazing.
by Josephi Krakowsi October 4, 2017
1)When you are so broke, you can only afford to serve bologna sandwiches and punch at your wedding reception.
2)When you are so broke, your guests have to bring their own food and drinks to your wedding reception.
3)When you attend a wedding and don't bring a gift, or a gift of lesser value than the meal that you ate.
We are in love and desire to marry right away, however, it will have to be a bologna wedding, as neither of our families can pay for it.
by mouse wheel April 23, 2020
Male-male anal sex.
Pardon me, would you like to come back to my place and have an Italian Wedding?
by toastingsubs April 20, 2011
The only thing a beautiful girl has to do in this narcissist reality...
Why should some hot model have to work? She just has to meet some rich fool and do the ol 'spread & wed.'
by Skizzy Wydd November 5, 2020
To honor someone (the bride or groom) on there special day and to be a little funny about it and to reminisce on the past
"What a great toast I feel both happier now and offended at the same time what an amazing Wedding toast"
by Kyleyolo February 5, 2020