Unofficial motto of supporters of Rangers FC, Scotlands most succesful football team. It is from a line in a song sung by the supporters.
We are the supporters,
Who sing of victory,
We'll follow Glasgow Rangers,
From Kilmarnock to Dundee,
We follow Glasgow Rangers,
Our hearts are strong and true,
Who cheer the boys in blue.
by Big Jock August 20, 2007
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We The People is a Constitutional history club across the country where big dorks read primary documents and practice 6 hours a week, instead of doing something productive.
Man never talk to those people in We The People they'll bog you down with Supreme court cases and shit.
by 2 Unit! April 13, 2006
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when two people are in a toxic relationship that doesn't allow them to do things alone. They always have to do things together or not at all. Pretty much they ditch all social gatherings if one of them disagrees on going.
Shit that we people say:
"We won't be going to that party because she doesn't let me go to places where there are other girls"
"We can't make it to your birthday dinner because he doesn't want to leave the house"
by 4evadoggingthegirls March 5, 2017
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Another phrase made by a 17 year old washington native meaning how else are you going to show people what you’re doing in life
Yo film ryan smoking 10 blunts to the face cuz how else we finna show people how we living out here

Gabe : Yo did u see the video

Ryan : Yeah u posted it everywhere

Gabe : How else we finna show people how we living out here
by Yungboyskans February 28, 2021
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A break up phrase very commonly used to get out of the relationship. However it has double meaning
I think we should see other people = HaHa! I already am.
by Ephermeris August 5, 2005
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