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The sexual act in which one person lights a candle, when the candle is melted a little bit, they pour the hot wax down their partner's asshole. This person (called the Waxy Jinn) shits out a waxy shit. Then, the Waxy Jinn rubs the waxy shit on their partner's chest
"Dude, my asshole has burns on the inside of it" "What the fuck, why?" "Me and Jenny did a Waxy Jinn last night"
by loges99 November 11, 2015
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A sexual act involving candle wax and the anus. One person lights the candle and waits for it to get waxy. They proceed to dump the wax down the other persons anus (the person who receives the wax is the Waxy Jinn). The Waxy Jinn then shits out a waxy shit and rubs it on their partner's chest.
"Dude my ass has 3rd degree burns in it" "WTF, why?" "me and my lady did the Waxy Jinn last night."
by loges99 December 30, 2015
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