A Small Northern Ontario Community near the North Shore of Lake superior; rumoured to be Ojibway for "Land of the Goose". Known for its large plaster gooses erected around town. Home of NHL players Denny Lambert and Chris Simon. Originally Wawa was a trading post untill it became a gold mining town when William Teddy discovered gold in Wawa Lake. Other substances such as iron ore have also previously been mined from different sites in and around the Wawa area.
On the greyhound, "When you see the big goose you know you're there"
Visiting over night, "There are only two bars in Wawa?"
Telling someone you live in wawa, "You mean Pettiwawa?" "no, Wawa, W-A-W-A,"
by katie Mitrikster February 06, 2007
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Also a bomb little convenience store in the northeast, wawa is the sound that a Goose makes, hence it's symbol (a goose in flight) before that shit went corporate. It is also the native american word for a Canadian Goose, but that's just a coincidence, since wawa is cool and wouldn't have any of their shit to with Canada.

Wawa has also become the popular choice of white college students, who would rather buy fresh hoagies late night from n-word (plural) than stale hot dogs from a-rabs at sev.
Goose #1: wawa

Goose #2: wawa

Guy with a gun: POW
by daves related to a goat October 09, 2006
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Someone who has an obsession with Wawa coffee, products and merchandise.
Kristen: What do you want for your birthday?
David: anything wawa related
Kristen: you are such a wawa fanboy
by Copper Cab December 30, 2012
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When a group of friends decided to make a trip to the gas station Wawa. Famous for its hoagie subs and coffee drinks.
Casey: Damn, I'm hungry. What're we gonna eat?

Eddy: How about a Wawa run? It's Hoagiefest and all drinks are a dollar

Casey: Quit reading my mind.
by Casimus Prime April 23, 2019
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The Wawa God is the good boi of all doggos in the universe. This good boi punishes all bad boi's and brings gifts to the good boi's. The Wawa God shall not be disrespected ever.
Oh my the Wawa God has answered my prayers!!!
by iconic frog February 03, 2019
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Unequivocal or otherwise markedly nasty or spurious bullshit. Often provokes a surprisingly violent reaction. Known to have originated in the environs of Philadelphia, whose convenience stores (particularly Wawa) produce sandwiches of inconsistent quality.
Check it out - they forgot to put extra pickles on my Shorti. That is some Wawa bullshit!
by 3rocarr January 06, 2009
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How Barbara Walters is pronounced whe you are
a)very drunk or
b)younger than 5
Person 1:Let's watch the news! Yay!
Person 2: With Baba Wawa *passes out*
by Ms Cullen July 10, 2008
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