Acronym meaning White Ass Whack Assholes. Refers to cocky ass jock, frat, white boys and their pasty, orange-tanned, dumb, blonde ass girlfriends, who know nothing about being urban besides who Snoop Dogg is. Term usually describes anyone from suburban America who perpetrates because they know what the hell rap music sounds like. Stank ass crackers!!!
I truly wish I could meet a few of you W.A.W.A's so I could fuck your shit up!!! Signed
An Angry "Urban" Black Man
by An Angry "Urban" Black Man August 05, 2005
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Acronym - Women After Women's Asses - born from the urban legend that WAWA stores in CT were exclusively owned and run by lesbians.
I thought that Michele was into guys but she's actually a WAWA.
by Shorty T June 02, 2009
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An amazing convenience store. Located in the Northeast US, wawa is home to great coffee and subs. It was named for a town in Delaware County, which was named for the American Indian word for Canadian Goose. Wawa is owned and operated privately, with Dick Wood as president of the company. Yes, his name is Dick Wood, but he's really nice. He was my neighbor, when I lived in Wawa...and now I'm rambling.
I'm going to run to Wawa to pick up some milk, which is always dairy-fresh.
by the girl March 22, 2005
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the superior convenience store of north america. extra cool because the owner's name is dick wood.
i'm going to run up to wawa and get cigarettes, a fresh made hoagie, apple slices with peanut butter, ice and fill the car up with gas.need anything?
by ragnarokker August 07, 2004
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If heaven had a convenience store, it would be a Wawa. Always clean, always good stuff to eat. Touch-screen hoagie system is awesome, and so are the hoagies. A 4" hoagie with warm roast beef and your choice of fresh toppings will cost you no more than $3. Dick Wood's name is on every glorious cup of coffee, for real. And the coffee and iced tea both have loyal fanbases. The cheese-filled pretzels and hash browns are amazing. Bagel melts are good too. I just wish they'd build a nice one up in Bergen County for us bennies so we wouldn't have to be invading the Wawas down the shore.
What's the only convenience store in the country cool enough to share its name with a character from SNL while having a picture of a goose out front? Wawa.
by someone18 September 07, 2006
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Verb. To go WAWA. Irish origin. Derived from the phrase, "We are where we are.", citizens are asked to go wawa by ignoring the past, including crimes, silly policies etc.
Judge, "Young man, if you think I'm about to go wawa and ignore your criminal record, you are mistaken."

"It is ridiculous to ask the Irish people to go wawa and pretend that members of the Dáil (parliament) do not have records worth remembering."
by Colum February 26, 2013
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A term (acronym) commonly used among expatriots, especially Peace Corps Volunteers, in West Africa - it stands for "West Africa Wins Again" and it signifies the struggles and anguish expatriots experience due to their naive presence in this very bizarre, competitive, and aggressive land.
"What a day, it was one WAWA after another"


"I totally just got WAWA'ed".

by M.Breda May 12, 2006
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