Puertorican term for Bus. I've heard this used many times by ricans in Chicago.
Rocio - "I need to get downtown, can I get a ride?"
Efrain - "Naw mami, you gonna have to catch the wawa."

Rocio standing on the corner - "Where is that fucking wawa?!"
by Smokahontas June 20, 2007
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the liquid form of water, often used to express joy or excitement over the discovery or realization that a liquid is in fact water.
"WAWA" shouted the girl after realizing that she had finally realized water.
by Matt Parenteau September 19, 2006
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AN amazing convience store that everybody in New Egypt lives off of. sells ciggarretes, cigars, food, drinks monster and amazing mac & cheese located in NJ,DE,VA,MD. Known for its amazing coffee and free mac machine. every teen in New Egypt lives off Wawa.
doode, did u go to wawa yet?

man, i gotta go to Wawa for some cash

I love wawa mac & cheese

Wawa is my second home.
by Pretty chick.. June 08, 2009
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The Quechua word for 'child' or 'baby'.
La wawa esta llorando.
by DOLLY BUSTER April 10, 2005
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