Only goes by the name of "meek" and will take yo bitch in front of you .Got sumin to say bout it?... he'll still walk away with your bitch
Yo he a wavy nigga .You just gonna let him take yo bitch like that ?
Guy: yes :/ ..
by MeekNigga September 27, 2013
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A nigga that will steal your bish in front of you, his hair is fresh as his clothes, this nigga will slay your bish in front of you and then give her back after he passed her down to his homies. Thats what these type of niggas do, try to upgrade people around them.
Damn cuhhh how you gonna let that nigga take your bish?

Its koo bro, he's a yung wavy nigga, maybe he'll teach me the ways of being a god in life.
by ramkar April 17, 2017
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