One of the most wealthy communities in the well know howard county (a.k.a HoCo). This is the chillest place to live. The community was built in 1990 and they are planning on building till 2010. Where everyone lives in walking distance of eachother and have the most pimped out homes. Right down the street (walking distance) from the local pool,tenis courts, golf course(surrounds community), supermarket(weis),italian restaurant and sports cafe (manigas), hair salon (sheer brothers),of course celebree (kids learning center where the working parents drop off their children for around $200-300 a week, subway, nail sallon, and much much more. Many of these already loaded teens either work as life gaurds at the waverly pool, Mangias, celebree, subway or weis. This three neighbrohood community is made of the most expensive houses around, the town houses go for around $700,000 and up. Homes and town houses are filled with big screen plasma TVs, swimming pools,pool tables, own private moon bounces, recording studios, soda machines, and too many computers for one family. These are definetly where the most chill parties go down. Ussually every1 here is a prep and if you don't go to Mount Hebron High school (best lax in country woo!) then you're either switching to MRHS or go to a private school. In the day teens are chilling at their private pools,having lunch at mangias, getting your nails/hair done, working at the waverly shopping center, playing a litle bit of tennis at our private courts, chilling in the house infront of a huge tv/lap top,or golfing. Were mostly preps here. We've been told to have the most paceful, safest, and quietest places around. Making it fine to have a beer nad chill on the golf course with a couple friends. Night time is where you're either at a bon fire, chillingon the golf course, at a house party(doesn't happen much unless you're watching some1's house for them), getting messed up at waverly elementry, or taking a dip in your pool with some of the craziest preps you'll ever meet. If you live in waverly you're the shit. if you don't you most likely wish you lived here and prolly drive over here everyday to chill with these crazy kids.
"Waverly Woods is a great place to live, and yes i do live in a pimped out home!!!, MTV should put me on cribs!"-local teen
"i've never seen such a quiet neighbrohood like this in my life"-visiter
"yeah...i wish i lived there i'm going to move there."-visiter
by Wealthy Waverly Teen. July 22, 2005
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