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Aka George Washington's stomping grounds. Where you can walk down main street, which is called High Street smoking a blunt with no problem except that everyone you pass wants to chief your shit. The highest concentration of antique stores, salons, & bars per square mile in the whole United States. Where a delusional old lady Bunny kisses you on your neck every time you see her & calls you her child. The only time there is a traffic jam is during Heritage Days & it's all under the one light in the entire town. The only town in America where if you see one black guy it won't be at night. You can find weed or beer before you can find any minority. Instead of sub-divisions you have trailer parks. The town where the only grocery store changes its name every year & a half. Our past gym teacher won a ring during the first Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers. R.I.P. Baddest wresters in the land of America. We have as many wrestling state trophies as losing seasons for the football team though. Peep the girls volleyball team though. Overall, "Fuck It Once A Bison Always A Bison."
"Friday night football games, in Waterford PA is your best opportunity to get laid."

"Eating Betty's in Waterford PA at 4:30AM is the best hang over cure."

"Get drunk & get your haircut."
by 420BisonStonedGenius's September 23, 2011
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