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Any haole (caucasian) girl attending a private highschool in Hawaii known as Punahou who drives one of the following-
Mommy's Expedition (or any SUV for that matter)
Any 2001 or later Volkswagen

The vehicle MUST be equipped with the following-
A. Surf Racks (With or without a brand new, unused, undersized shortboard or oversized longboard)
B. Kayak Racks (OPTIONAL)
C. Numerous quicksilver/roxy stickers
D. White vinyl hibiscus or hawaiian sea turtle window decals
E. Hawaiian print seat covers
I almost got rear ended by this water girl at the stoplight. She was obviously trying too hard to be "local" and got caught up in thinking about what she was going to tell her stupid punaho's about the waves today, even though she's never been surfing in her life.
by MVC March 21, 2003
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Girl that was cut form Cheerleader try outs. Brings team water instead.
That water girl is crazy hot, yo.
by Brian Fellow October 02, 2003
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a hot adorable young woman with high ambitions and a knack for kicking ass :D
Wow, look at that watergirl go!!

You go watergirl!!
by fancypants April 13, 2004
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