When your dick is so long that it falls into the water after you’ve taken a shit.
“Did you hear that Tom claimed he’s big enough to have a Shit-water-dick”
by Sir big peni March 10, 2018
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The act of masturbating while having your partner douche your ass.
Steve & Matt seems to always enjoy leaving to go shooting water bottle rockets together. Such nice boys
by BiggestDickLarry December 28, 2017
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The Man, The Myth, The Mong.

Noun: An absolute mong, loves pistachio ice cream and abusing pineapples.
Noun: A political ideology that supports the creation of pineapple pizza
Example 1: Look at this guy El One Fee Water getting himself banned off of a sub-reddit, the absolute mong.
Example 2: A dummy thicc italian bitch who lives in new jersey, who gets bullied a lot by people on the internet and has

an imaginary girlfriend.
by ACraZYHippIEZA January 29, 2021
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The best water brand in the whole universe. The conmpany is lead by by Eva, the Irish pee president. Charlie the hydrate homie is a well known advitiseor for this amazing brand.
Wow, isn't Eva water™ incredible, I love it!!!
by Charlie the hydrate homie January 23, 2021
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Slang term for booze. Named as such due to the evil effects (on both the body and behavior) it will provide for the person drinking it.
Your at the ginmill again, Murph. Geez, you just cant get enough of that evil water, can ya?
by mister delicious July 28, 2008
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a sexual practice in which a black man (preferably Nigerian) inserts his abnormally large penis into a slender asian midgets anis. This man's penis should petrude out of the women's mouth and cuases her to gag excessively this gag reflex is used as a ejackulative method which causes the nigerian to come in a imense firehose orgasm.(can only be done with an asian midget over 18 otherwise completly socially unexceptable)
dude my 8 foot tall boyfriend got kinky and gave me an evil watering hose i blacked out and i woke up in apool of saliva and come.
by Howard p. donivin June 05, 2011
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