The phenomenon which occurs when a person consumes too much alcohol and proceeds to embarrass themselves and their friends for however long they remain conscious. It is usually characterized by off-beat dancing, the stripping of clothes, groping strangers, the overwhelming smell of fruity alcohol, and a general sloppiness that can only be associated with drinking.
Leah: "Dude, you should have seen Amber at the club the other night. She had like, eight shots of whipped cream vodka and then started taking her clothes off and dancing up on strangers. Super sloppy."
Dude: "Omg, really?"
Leah: "Yeah, she was totally White Girl Wasted."
by BitchTitttts February 11, 2014
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Singing along enthusiastically to "Call Me Maybe" while pointing at people during the "Hey, I just met you and this is crazy" part. After the song ends, you start telling your friends (and people you just met) how much you love them. Then you steal some wings off of a strangers table while they're in the bathroom (probably along with their beer). The next morning you realize you were texting your ex the whole night and accidentally made out with a lesbian.
by stephi May 18, 2012
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To get completely drunk, wasted or sloshed to the point where you can no longer control yourself physically or mentally. Term originally given to younger white girls, mainly college freshman, after they consume way too much alcohol. This commonly results in overall incoherency, and brief "skankyness" before a quick emotional breakdown. Which are all followed up by the process of destroying the party through multiple drunken slurs and complete trashyness and finally passing out in an upstairs bedroom because they are too drunk to make it home.
Yo you see that girl Chanelle Storlie (made up name) last night??? That chick was white girl wasted!
by KobeSucks42 June 27, 2011
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To be black out drunk and extremely sloppy. Often including acting embarrassing, singing songs like " dont stop believing" by journey, possibly table dancing.
" OMG Tina was white girl wasted last night, did u see her try to pole dance on the metal detector?"
by BlaineY August 19, 2012
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To become so drunk that you end up with your head in a toilet crying about how nobody will ever love you.
Girl: I hate my life I'm ugly and fat and no one will ever love me

Friend: you're so white girl wasted
by Bobhgeter November 15, 2012
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Goes out with the intent to get hammered, followed by karaoke.
We had Sushi for dinner, did a lot of sake bombs and ended up Asian girl wasted at a karaoke bar.
by Audreyslove October 27, 2016
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When a female gets annebriated and all she can say is "wooooooooo!"
Let's get woo girl wasted!
by DesiresAllHope December 13, 2013
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