Toronto Slang with Caribbean Roots. A youthful person that is a waste of time and space.
Jamar: Tyrone's a Waste Yute
DeShawn: Ahlie
by LocalTorontoWasteMan September 15, 2017
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Toronto slang for someone who is annoying. Derived from Caribbean slang; "Yute" which means "youth". Waste yutes are everywhere. Simply put, a waste yute is a mandem who is annoying as fuck
Smoke Dawg: Nyeahhhhh, wys dawg issa halal gang ting styl

Casper: Yurrrrrrrrr, wagwan fam don't be throwin around dat gang ting cause ur finna get gurxed like dat

Smoke Dawg: Dont be a bean, im just chillin styll

Casper: Ahlie fam, issa chill motive dawg but you a waste yute styll nigga
by urabattriting October 28, 2019
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A youthful person that is a waste of time and space
Shaun: Juan is a waste yute. he’s a deadman when I catch him
by JuanTheWasteYute November 8, 2020
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Joel Halverson, You will see this waste yute usally wearing a raptors hoodie, and black and white J’s. A waste yute like this thinks he can ball above the rim better than shy glizzy just because he broke 1 kids ankle. This Waste Yute is also known as a ape looking banana, but dont take this as a bad thing!!! His crimson chin looking ass may dunk on you if you insult him! In basketball he always shoots his shots and makes them, but with the girls... Now thats always a miss!!! This Waste yute’s smile is almost as horrifying than momo’s smile, Never ever say a fact around him! Cause he will argue everything you say and cut you off faster than harambe found himself im a coffin! His ego is bigger than his ball career, But at least his teeth shine brighter than mine.
Person 1: Yo fam your’e such a waste yute!!!!
Person 2: So im basically Joel Halverson?
by CwoodSketch March 19, 2019
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jamacian patois for meaning a worthless kid, dirived from the saying "wasted youth"
me: "renae facey is a waste yute"

jhonson student: "ya mon da gal is got a bad lickle weave"

me: lol just jokes mon just jokes
by shoty5 October 25, 2011
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waste person, wasteful person


Kayla <3
your a waste yute

ya mon u a waste mon
by cronicbudz! August 4, 2010
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a person in which deserves to be thrown away.

generally, waste yutes are pathetic, worthless faggots.

bronwen and amy.
by imbased February 27, 2011
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