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The stuff that most biodiesel is made of, the best usually comes from Chinese or Mexican restaurants.

Behind every restaurant (especially greasy fast food joints) there is a
WASTE VEGETABLE OIL or WVO receptacle. It is the big brown square,
guaranteed to be STINKY as hell (especially in the summertime) rodent
and bug infested, waste oil container, it is also recognizable by the 5 to 8
foot circle of spilled oil that surrounds it, and by the trail of oily footprints
that normally leads out to it.

This is where the fryer grease, or waste vegetable oil comes when it has
made its last french fry, chicken or fish sandwich, egg roll, tortilla chips,
the list can go on and on and on...

The Waste Vegetable Oil is been in the news a lot as of late due to the
high rate of thefts from these receptacles. The reasons is, a few years
ago (2003) when diesel fuel was $1.25 or so a gallon no one really cared
about the WVO product and restaurants paid to have the waste product
hauled away.

Fast forward to 2008, diesel fuel is over $4.75 per gallon and waste
vegetable oil is selling for about $.41 a pound on the commodities market,
that makes it about $3.075 a gallon so WVO, or Used Cooking Oil (UCO)
as some are calling it, has come from being a nasty, smelly, oily business
to being a Green business.

Green in more ways than one.....
by W.J.GOMBAR August 31, 2008
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