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A little farming community located 30 miles south of Ritzville. Chances are, if you’re from here, you’ll be explaining to every single visitor how to pronounce the name of this humble town. Humble, that is, when overweight Texans aren’t running about causing mayhem in the streets. But this is a place mainly known for its rare sighting of police officers, due to the nearest patrol car usually riding around following kids in ritzville, once again, roughly 30 minutes away, that is, if you chose to actually go the speed limit, you know, because no cops and all.
Person 1 : “Hey what’s this town called?”
Person 2 : “Washtucna”
Person 1 : “Washtoocna”?”
Person 1 : “No...Washtucna..”
Person 2 : “Washfagoona?”
Person 1 : “Bitch how the hell did you manage to get further away from what I said the first time?”
by iLoveHAM-iltons July 02, 2018
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