locally used in the word 'Gud Marani' Or 'গুদ মারানী' which is referred to disturbing or irritating people and literally means anus or asshole fucker. The Word came from the sanskrit word 'गुद' means anus and bengali word 'মারা' meaning to hit.Its Hard Version is 'GAAR' or 'গাড়' which means fucked asshole.
Tonmoy : Ai গুদ Gud Marani Beta Riya . Ar Koto Jon Er Kache Giya Pod Marbi.Amar O handle Ta aktu Gorom Kor. Aktu Anondo De Na Re Tor Norom Pod Diye.
Riya : Ai Khanki Chudir Chele.Baray Nei Chul , Dhukate Asechhen Hul.
Tonmoy :😐
by xXxPOISON X August 16, 2021
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