This definition applies to the immediate reaction that a "certain group of people" in our society automatically have about their loved one who is a victim of a police involved shooting. The loved one could be totally in the wrong and was totally responsible for the chaos that ended their life, but according to their family, they were an innocent saint. This term is immediately shouted repeatedly in order to gain the national attention of black leaders and lawyers to automatically file millions of dollars worth of lawsuits against the police department, City etc.
"Dat poleeeze man shot Terrance the other day. He aint neva hurt nobody and Wuz a gud boi. I'm calling Ben Crump and Al Sharpton!!!"
by Sledge September 06, 2021
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like bud, but a girl alternative. instead of “hey girl” you say “hey little gud
“hey is that little gud over there peeing in the pool?”

“yes, get that little s*** out of here
“okay daddy”
by DildoSwaggins42069 December 12, 2021
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A slang word typically used in South Africa and Zimbabwe referring to a man's underwear.
"I have to go to the laundry to wash my guds"
by TimmyTurboDick March 09, 2019
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Lazy intellectuals says “gud” instead of “god”.
Carl: Jesus, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me killed me last night!
John: That film is some Gud shit.
Carl: Good?
John: Fuck off dumbo.
by jonathan0913 April 14, 2018
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Bengali word for an object within a female body which every men desperately preach.
Gimme gud so I can bal it away.
by DJ Biswas November 23, 2021
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