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Warhill High School, located in small town Williamsburg Virginia. Nicknamed Whorehill by the rest of the county for our abundance of hoeish figures and the occasional teen mom. You can find that they offer a large variety of YeeYees who like to juul and dip in the bathrooms. You can also find dick heads around every corner of the school. Bullying there gets 4 stars, could be better. The national landmark there would be the senior stair case, but since that's been conquered by lowerclassmen, I would say the new capital would be the lower level boys bathroom near the language department. (thats where the stall dividers were ripped off so the real fun can begin!) They're trash at sports and prefer to fund towel play in the locker rooms, and I won't be surprised if the white men of Lamestown beat us in a football game. Overal our school doesn't exceed in anything special except for homosexual mannerisms, constant cafeteria fights, and large ego.
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Did you go see the lafayeet game last night?
Yeah, Warhill High School lost terribly.
By how much?
by The Girls of September 23, 2018
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