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A former NASCAR driver from South Boston, VA. Among his accomplishments, Ward won both the Daytona 500 and the Southern 500. A little-known fact is that, when poised to do a shot of Jaegermeister, one is well-informed to toast Ward Burton. The avid hunter or fisherman would benefit from checking out
"That Virginia man, he's really tough to beat. His name, is Ward Burton"
by waitsfan75 April 25, 2006
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Driver of the #0 NetZero Chevrolet. Who in the past raced for Bill Davis Racing (Driving the #22 Caterpillar Dodge), while racing for BDR, he accomplished many wins, one being the 2002 Daytona 500. Undoubtfully, one of the best Nextel Cup Series drivers. With his new team for 2004, in the NetZero car, he brings experience and talent to Tony Furr, and the rest of the NetZero squad.
Ward Burton is a very good driver!
by NetZero Ward January 06, 2004
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A very good NASCAR Nextel Cup Series driver who drives the number 0 car.
Ward Burton used to drive the CAT 22 car.
by Weaselmaster January 06, 2004
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