That one friend who always has a story better than yours no matter the circumstance.
You - "I once met Brad Pitt."

War Hero - "Yeah, I fucked Brad Pitt's sister...a lot."
by 7O01 September 16, 2011
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A term used to describe Naval Aviators who can't fly for shit, who keep crashing their planes or getting shot down and who spend the next several decades bragging about it.
by zombiemaster666 July 14, 2009
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That one guy who flew into the darksphere or some shit
That guy saved the world he is just like War-Hero
by HoodedManBob February 28, 2018
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An individual who has participated in a dangerous conflict and committed an act of bravery, such as assaulting a building, extinguishing a fire on a bombed ship or bringing a wounded soldier to safety while being in the open.

An individual who has either saved a life, taken a life or completed a significant military objective to advance the war theater while being in the line of duty, or as a civilian.

Opposite to War Veteran, as unlike them they actually did something credible.
Jack lifted his Sergeant while under suppressive fire and brought the wounded soldier to safety, thereby saving a life. He is a true war hero.
by Revolutionize July 19, 2015
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A person is jumps on a grenade. These people are normally wounded in action received the shear ugliness of the 'nade that they deserve a Purple Heart. If a grenade jumper jumps on so many 'nades, he will win a Medal of Honor for going above and beyond the call of duty. Actually war heroes from wars are to be respected. This kind of war hero is laughed at but you want him around to be the grenade jumper that allows you to mac on a hot chick.
Dude, I saw that chick that came from your room. Ha. She had a muffin top and a camel toe. Damn man. Heres a Medal of Honor. I salute you war hero.
by GeneralEisenhower December 6, 2010
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that one friend who will not go quietly into the night. who is not an expendable asset no matter how much of a nuisance he or she might be.
roger: can you come to my house again. we are grilling again.

doger: yea

roger: we have to some our chores first and shovel some dog shit in my kennels

doger: ok. what should i bring for dinner.

roger: just some chicken or bratts. the kids get so excited when you come.

doger: (in his own mind: what???). Okay be right over.

roger's wife: is he coming again ? this unwanted friend of ours??

doger: do not speak about my friend that way. he is a war hero from work. they drew first blood. be nice to him.
by batman_d1 March 25, 2012
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The most addictive game with the most juicy fake ass ads! I sure do love to see a man with 0 IQ playing that game in the ad in the morning!
Speaker 1: I am so tired of this god damn hero wars ads...
Speaker 2: You're not alone...
by i eat little babies for lunch February 15, 2021
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