1)someone who is half japanese, half caucasion
this is NOT a derogatory term, despite popular belief
said person can be perfectly nice, hot, and cool
2) derogatory form of the word
means a caucasion who is obsessed with Japanese stuff
1) Ryan's coming. You know, the Wapanese who's mom is from Japan but his dads from England? He's so hot!
2) Man, JJ is such a Wapanese. All he does it watch anime and look at manga!
by OhBurnIWin February 11, 2006
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An Italian who is otaku. The term wap is mainly known as term for people of Italian descent. Wapanese is another term for wasian but only applies to waps or Italians.
An Italian person who obsessed over specific Animes or Japanese pop culture, he is a Wapanese.
by loli-chan May 20, 2006
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A white guy who dates (fucks) a Japanese chick and makes all the little Japanese men jealous.
I'm 38 and still jerking off because of the wapanese.
by na November 27, 2004
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a guy/girl who is half caucasion half Japanese. He's insanely cool and usually pretty hot. Theyre usually rich, too.
Brian is the coolest Wapanese I know!
by KateKT December 22, 2005
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