Wapanese are non-japanese who believe that japan is better than their own country in just about every way. They are generally outcasts of society so they try to fit into other cultures. Some signs of a wap are:

1. They are always at your local Barnes and Nobles or other book store in the "manga" section. They usually are sitting on the floor either reading by themselves or talking about the books with their friends.

2. They try to use japanese words in their everyday language to try to impress people such as ending people's names with "san"

3.Their rooms are usually always covered in anime wall scrolls and posters. They also often have a large toy and samurai sword collection.

4. Most of them wear anime t-shirts and other clothing items that relate to japanese cultures. Some examples are wooden clogs and floral pattern dresses.

5. Most of them act either really depressed or really hyper. The hyper ones are usually really loud and obnoxious. They also tend to pretend sword fight or act out anime scenes.

6. They are constantly watching anime, usually for hours.

7.They enjoy "cosplay" or dressing up as their favorite anime characters. They usually do this at "cons" or conventions.

8. At the conventions they spend hundreds of dollars on stuffed characters, figures, wall scrolls and other garbage.

9. They are constantly posing for and taking pictures. usually with stupid facial expressions.

10. Usually are eating and drinking imported snacks and drinks.

11. Are really strange looking

12. Are virgins

And worst of all they think that japanese are superior to their own race.
for examples of these wapanese douchebags look in the manga section of your local book store
by anonymous22222 January 01, 2009
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A term used to describe a white person who thinks they are Japanese despite never having been to Japan. Ironically, this term is often used by wiggers, who are white kids that think they're black street kids despite having been raised in the suburbs rather than the ghetto.
Some wapanese are cool guys.
by D.P.Lipsky March 21, 2004
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people who add to the Wapanese definition in a pathetic attempt to prove that while Wapanese people exist, they themselves aren't Wapanese even though they display all the traits. Common excuses are that they know actual Japanese people, only use chopsticks on food it's MEANT to be eaten with, and that they actually study Japanese history instead of pretending to learn it from Anime. Of course they still watch Anime too, but the excuse there is that it's only the good Anime or they don't watch it to an "unhealthy" level. Somehow it's hard for them to just admit they are Wapanese, be happy with who they are, and move on.
80% of the people who have contributed to the definition of Wapanese.
by youcrackmeup June 15, 2009
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1. White Japanese--someone who is white but was born in Japan and/or grew up there.

2. Wannabe Japanese--most likely an American whose life is based on anime, manga, and ridiculing people who go to Abercrombie and "waste" their money on 100 dollar flip-flops, when they spend all their money on Japanese Kimonos that aren't even fucking real! They vigorously study the Japanese language, and often says stuff like "baka", "kisama", etc and some even say stuff like "oro", which is a completely retarded term that Rurouni Kenshin, some gay-ass Samurai uses on the kids show "Rurouni Kenshin".

They seriously base their entire life on trying to be Japanese, while they've never even been to Japan. Japanese Americans think they are a bunch od idiots and posers and hate their guts, because those Wapanese are being RACIST!!! Being Japanese isn't about watching anime (that was created by the Japanese to entertain kids--I was raised in Japan and stuff like "InuYasha", "Rurouni Kenshin", "One Piece"--they were ALL POPULAR WHEN I WAS SEVEN-YEARS-OLD) when you're like, 17, saying weird Japanese phrases with American accents, trying to make up own fake-Japanese phrases like "nano" (which is a interpretation of "nani"--recently abolished when iPod Nano came out).

Wapanese: Konichiwa, I love Japan! I wanna go to Japan and be Japanese!
Japanese American: WTF! You guys are really insulting, you know that?
Wapanese (shocked): Oro?
Japanese American: Go die, racist!
by Anti-Wapanese March 21, 2006
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Term referring to caucasian American who chooses to adopt the (perceived) cultural, aesthetic & social trappings of japanese society.

The word originally derived by analogy with wigger ( = "white" + "nigger").

Generally used as a term of disparagement by the sort of white Americans who - touchingly - never seem even to consider why it is that half their own youth population seem so desperate to be japanese, black, chicano, euro, virtual. Anything, indeed, rather than white American.

Natives of the world's other 200-odd countries find the social phenomenon somewhat less confusing.
Yuhuhuhhh - check that Wapanese faggut ovur thar - whut a dumb-ass.
by lex November 25, 2004
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Wapanese is a derogatory term used by those in the Anime and Manga fan community (although it is used in the Tokusatsu fan community as well, but far less so) to refer to those within the community who seem (or who obviously are) obsessed with all things Japan/Japanese.

Many traits considered to be 'Wapanese' include (but are not limited to):

-Attempt's to interject various common Japanese words into their everyday speech, regardless if the listener can under the words or not. The most common words used are 'Kawaii", "Desu", "Baka" as well as various Honorifics such as San, Sama, Chan, Kun and so on.

-The preference of Japanese media (Music, Movies, TV shows...) over that of their local media. In some extreme cases they will not Listen to/Watch/Read anything that is not Japanese.

-Buying and Importing large amounts of goods from japan, ranging from genuine collectibles to foodstuffs, gaming software, Photobooks, Posters and the like relating to a liked Anime/Manga/J-Media property or celebrity.

-Maintains that Japan/The Japanese people are far superior to their own Country/People despite lack of first hand knowledge. Often mistakenly believes the Xenophobic and still somewhat Racist Japanese society would accept them as one of there own.

-Has a preference for dating Japanese women/men. (Note: Having preference for Asian women/men in general is NOT a Wapanese trait)
-Cosplays even when not at conventions or other similar events.
Example of a Wapanese interjecting common Japanese words into a Conversation:

"Oh, Michel-San, that shirt is so Kawaii! Ore Suki!"
by Henshin86 November 12, 2009
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