A wannabe Japanese person. Many of the definitions found here are somewhat distorted in some way. A wapanese is completely obsessed with Japan, imports pocky and other such Japanese products, and often speaks Japanglish.

Someone who watches anime/reads manga is not necessarily a wapanese.

Someone who draws "chibi" art is not necessarily a wapanese.

Loving Japanese men/women is not necessarily being wapanese, it's actually a paraphilia known as xenophilia.
Yeah, I used to watch Inuyasha a lot, but it's getting a little boring and I stopped watching it.

I love chibis! They're pretty cute, if I do say so myself. And since "chibi" is the name for it, I'm not using the wapanese language of Japanglish.

I think I'm a xenophile. Although I'm black, I love Japanese/ Korean/ Filipino/ Chinese/ Vietnamese men but I could care less about imported Japanese products!
by Dove's Touch September 08, 2006
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I'm going to start out by saying this, just because you like anime doesn't mean your <i>wapanese</i>

The meaning could be someone from a different culture that has no interest in there own or another's aside for a someone with a Japanese background. They usually mix Japanese words in with English sentence and refuse most things non-Japanese.

Wapanese are big fans when it comes to cosplaying but so are anime-fans. There's a difference, anime-fans are creative, original and have fun with cosplaying. Wapanese on the other hand take it seriously and criticizer even particularly good cosplayers.

Again, just because one buys untranslated anime doesn't mean there wapanese. I myself have been sent Chinese anime from relatives in China. I watch it big deal. A wapanese will use untranslated anime as a way to learn Japanese.
This isn't an example but I want to say: "Be proud of your culture and stay who you are. If people think your Japanese come up straight and tell them your real background."

I'm Chinese and proud, be like me and show your culture!

by Lejah Siu March 03, 2008
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Wapanese is a word that has been argued about many many times. It is commonly known as a white person who wants to be japanese.
Someone who watches anime, listens to japanese music and draws manga from time to time but also has a social life, bf and respects there own culture like myself can be classed as someone who has interest in the culture.

Wapanese on the other hand display some of these unhealthy obsessions:

They try to dress harajuku/lolita by applying mountains of makeup and mixing up clothes which makes them look like they are in drag or a wannabe emo.

Watches 2 episodes of an anime and instantly becomes obssessed and brags about it to everyone they know.

Overuses japanese phrases online and in real life.

On youtube they comment japanese music videos with such things as 'omgz ruki looks so kawaii <3~~!!'.

They add any random japanese people on myspace hoping to make some japanese friends and litters them with japanese phrases.

They think the terms 'visual kei' and 'oshare kei' are some kind of religion.

If someone in some way insults japan, they themselves also feel insulted.

They learn one hiragana/kanji/katakana phrase and begin drawing it all over there books/work...

They watch anime such as pokemon and think its 'uber cool'.

For the girls there idol is Gwen Stefani.

They change there names to some japanese name and tells everyone to start calling them that.

They think making the peace sign makes them look japanese.

Anything that looks remotely japanese they go mental for, even if its a wall scroll that is in chinese they still go mad for it.

I could go on for ages but these are the things i have witnessed in the past in the 'wapanese'.
Guy: Hey just finished watching fushigi yugi, its pretty immense, what do you think?
Wapanese: OMGZ thats like THE BEST ANIME EVER, so kawaiii! isnt tamahome so uber smexi!
Guy: Errr, what did you think to the ending?
Wapanese: Well, err i think you need to fill me in, bad memory you see :)
Guy: You havent watched it have you...
Wapanese: Yeh well but its still proper awesomeeeee!!
by GraceOnline November 22, 2007
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johnny dressed up like a geisha and bought dragonball-z magazines at Barnes and Noble Bookstores. he also tried to eat sushi with chopsticks
by ezra April 07, 2003
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Someone that excessively consumes anime. A potential fapanese.
"Man, did you hear about Alfred? With the shit he's downloading lately he's gonna cross over from wapanese to fapanese in no time!"
by WatermeloNiggar July 02, 2005
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THe word can also apply to ricers, since they have an obsession with Japanese cars and they "modify" them into neon-lighted, over-painted, Kanji-decorated, bigass exhaust-pipe, low-chassis monstrosities that can't even go over a speed bump without taking serious damage. And thanks to crappy racing movies like The Fast and the Furious, we now have a big explosion of backward capped, baggy-pants-wearing nerds who will mutilate otherwise good Japanese cars just to be "the shizzle".
Damn. Look at what that Wapanese did to his mom's Honda Civic. The chassis is scraping against the road, the pink and green paintjob is flaking off, and there are so many headlights installed that it would permanently blind any oncoming traffic.
by middle finger January 20, 2004
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A person who wishes he was japanese. The highest concentration in america is decidedly at vanguard shcool in Dallas Tx. In all cases they have never set foot in japan.
A vanguard student: I hate Ieyasu Tokugawa for destroying Japans ancient fragile culture. God I love Rurononi Kenshin!

Jhonny the Japanese dude: So I am tainted huh?

vanguard student: Wow your from japan ( shits pants) wow do you have a sword! do you like anime! let me join in your warrior spirit! remember I put the FUN in fundamentalist

Jhonny the japanese dude: get a life

Another dude: japan is not that great a country, if it was that great than how come japanse folks come to america huh?

Vanguard student: oooowwwww how could you I am offended you are racist!

another dude: I dont have a problem with japanese people I just think you are a flaming homo, and a sheltered} dum fuck
by milkshake March 24, 2005
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