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Tired of being just a white chick with nothing exciting in your back ground? I have found the perfect way to become another culture within seconds..
Want to become part Samoan?? Tired of being white - want to have some Samoan in you? Here is the way:

Grab yourself a Samoan then follow: Push your hard nipples in between his strong, muscular thighs with your head pointed down while his firm penis goes to one side of your head and his balls slap against your collarbone. Slowly move your head up while your tongue is slowly licking the shaft of his rock hard cock. Look him in the eyes as you enter the smooth tip into your entire mouth then look down and shove his cock so far down your throat that you gag... Slowly, with the tip of your tongue firmly pressing against the back of is shaft, lift your head up and look at this Samoan in the eyes - smile with a tease - then slam his cock down your throat until he has released every bit of his Samoan sperm down your esophagus.. Now my friend you have changed because you have Samoan in you...
by fairytale13teen July 10, 2009
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