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A person who WANTS to be tough by saying shit about others and saying that they're strong enough already. However, most of these wannabe tough guys are either scrawny loners,fatasses, or jocks who taken steroids.

They mostly talk about their strength,weight,height,etc even though most people won't care.

If you're encountering a wannabe tough guy, ignore them. Remember, they talk soo much yet they do very little.
Brett: yo, guyz i just workd out 4 30 mins today!!!11 I joged around da whol neighboor hood!!1 im going to kik that guys ass soon this week!1 omg yay

Andrew: No one cares how much you've worked out. And it you're acting like a wannabe tough guy. Just shut the fuck up already. You've been saying that everyday for the past two weeks.
by Saanzan August 03, 2010
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